vive la mort

 “disobedience, anarchy, bullets bombs and bigotry, torture, terror, bitches, boots, never say never, thank you, brute” – Kunst, KMFDM et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu, et tu BRUTE Blowing […]

Blank Page

There is a blank page, white, pristine, tabula rasa. Precocious, open, virginal, precious, it calls, yearning for me to fill it with something more than meaningful, more than profane, more than sacred. Heart bleeding, mind over-processing, soul slowly unzipping, it begs me not to waste a singular drop of ink, nothing lost on the surface, […]

Crimson and Water

Her words are the totality of my thought. It transcends my being; my defense is the sin committed. The atrocities rainbow-fall along the emotional spectrum.  The yelling, the screaming, the emotional deaths perpetrated by singular “fucks.” How subtle, how elegant is your sex? The mind deformed bows before stormy eyes. It holds back the pallor […]

It can’t be me.

“My road to hell is surely paved with all the love that I never gave…” -William Elliott Whitmore   The old dirt road may be paved with sin, but there is also soul. There is blood on the tracks of memory, descended from the fists, boots, and teeth of experiential history.  By the skin of […]


Raw. Skin still pink from the shower, on my way to the bunk bed I shared with the over-medicated kid that consistently pissed himself in his sleep. He also liked to pull his little pecker out on top of the jungle gym at school. He would just stand there, superhero posing, like he was saving […]

Philosopher’s Stone

I was born of fire. I was born of violence – Blood, bone, sinew, a mosh pit of frustration, simple souls exposed, 15.5 multiplied by six. Home to home, fist to fist, too many wannabe men pretending to be dads, shattered glass. Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole […]